Saturday, April 18, 2015  
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Fee Structure

Our fees reflect the professionalism and quality work of an experienced bookkeeper. Depending on your requirements we are able to price our services competitively using either a flat monthly, quarterly or annual fee based on the volume of your business activities or an hourly rate should we operate at your business premises.

If you wish to perform some tasks such as raising invoices for your clients, you are welcome to do so and we certainly can provide you with a quote for the services that you would like us to take over.

We aim to work in a very ethical and transparent business manner. As such, before starting any work, we will provide you with an engagement letter to sign off if you are happy with the stipulated agreed fee together with the respective terms and conditions applied. 

Please note that:

We currently have a promotional offer which allows you to receive 25% discount on the total amount when you purchase both the 'Training of Accounting Packages' and 'Bookkeeping Education' all together.

Call or email us using the Contact page if you would like to benefit from this valuable offer.